People in Ottawa South are hurting....


    These and other issues are important to Ottawa South:


    • For a more open, transparent government
    • Ethics and trust in government again
    • Make smarter decisions to avoid waste and mistakes 
    • Oversight
    • Time to hold to account for the record


    On May 9, 2017, Every Liberal voted against the Ethics and Accountability improvements motion at Queen's Park introduced by PCs. Imagine what we can fix!




    Work toward balanced budgets

    • After ten years of deficits, it is time to care about every dollar
    • Don't borrow from the future to reduce current bills
    • the massive debt accumulation must be checked

    Health and Long Term Care

    Focus on wait times for hospital, home care, and long term care

    • Ottawa South has less money per person for home care
    • Front-line health care is important, not just administration


    • Families and seniors need to feel secure:     access to health care and necessities 
    • Children in neighbourhood schools that are resourced
    • Resources for people with autism
    • Compassion for those in need, so families can keep more money in their pockets and have financial stability and security: this starts with sound finance decisions and planning at the provincial level


    • Consult before making changes 
    • Keep a lid on hydro rates and costs
    • Small businesses also being challenged by federal Liberal changes to CCPC rules; see my Tweets
    • talk to your corner store owner 
    • Ottawa South stores and shops are vital to our community.

    New Ideas

    • Every government grows stale 
    • Ottawa South has had Liberals at the helm for 30 years
    • Other people have ideas, but have not had the chance to try to improve things
    • being elected is a temporary gift from voters